Rose Aglubat-Kwett

Carmichael, California

Rose founded MAK- Meningitis Awareness Key to prevention after The Kwett’s vibrant and talented 15-year old daughter, MaryJo, died from meningitis on July 15, 2000, just eight days before her sixteenth birthday (see MaryJo A. Kwett’s story). 

The organization received its IRS Advance Ruling as a nonprofit corporation in May 2002.

Driven by a deep desire to increase awareness about this mysterious & stealthy killer, Rose, makes educational presentations to elementary, middle and high school classes. Presentations have been made to colleges, community organizations, interdenominational and multicultural groups. At the presentations, audiences learn many of the health measures that protect them from meningitis as well as techniques to prevent transmission of other communicable diseases. Her presentations had been approved by several school districts’ Standards & Curriculum and Health Advisory Committees. MAK participates in health fairs in Placer, El Dorado and Sacramento counties as well as in the Bay Area.