Robert Karle

By Annette and Robert Karle

“Mom can I borrow the car?” I will never forget the events that took place after I heard those very words spoken by my son Robert Henry Karle. Robert stood by my bed and gently whispered in my ear if he could have permission to use the car to meet his friends for breakfast the morning of January 6, 2001. That would be the last outing my son ever took with his friends. He died the next morning at the young age of 18.Robert_K

Robert had been fighting a sore throat all week, but like most teenagers, he kept reassuring me he was fine and didn’t want to miss school and the social scene, so when he came home early from breakfast that morning complaining of not feeling good, I told him he needed to get some rest and take it easy.

I woke up Sunday morning around 1:30am when I heard my son calling me. He complained that his stomach hurt and asked if I could give him something. I gave him some Mylanta and waited for it to take effect. Later that morning I found him lifeless with a purplish/brownish rash covering his body.

Robert’s talents included an uncanny knack for instinctively knowing how things worked and routinely put together items which involved complex instructions.. Robert also became an avid outdoorsman who loved hiking, fishing and camping. Robert will always be remembered for his adventurous spirit, generous heart, love of the outdoors and especially his love for his family.