Chloe Foster

Chloe loved dancing, painting, playing with her little sister and loved to pose in front of the camera. She was so incredibly pretty with her golden curls and her green eyes

I remember how much she cried as a baby and I would just carry and soothingly talk to her. Everyone thought I was so patient, but l just loved her so much that I wanted her to feel safe. Chloe and I were so close that she slept with me and her father until the day she passed away.  I will always cherish the short time we had together. Chloe_large

Chloe came down with a fever on Valentine’s Day evening 2001.  She passed away the next morning, she was only 2 yrs 5 months.  As a parent, I protected my daughter from strangers, dogs, hot stoves and everything I could see.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see this coming.  I promised myself and God that no matter what, I would never take my children’s health for granted.  I have vaccinated my children, I don’t let them share their food or cups with others and I know what symptoms to look for when they’re ill.