Side Effects

Lesley Hart wakes up every day thankful to still be alive after contracting bacterial meningitis.

She looks fine on the outside but after nine years, she is still suffering from ill effects of meningitis. She can’t hear as well as she used to, has constant ringing in her ears, has to use crutches to help her walk, has deep tissue dermatitis, relies on meals being delivered to her to eat (forgets to eat or drink).  She still suffers from short-term memory problems and nerve damage and have to take strong medications just so she can move my arms and legs. Still experiences pain “like someone is sticking pins in them constantly.”  

The Meningitis Research Foundation released a survey that almost 90 percent of people are unaware that one in ten cases are fatal but those who survive can suffer long-term health problems. Vinny Smith,  Chief Executive of the charity said, “While many are aware that meningitis costs lives, fewer people know about the damage the disease can do to people’s long-term health and their future. The cost to people can be immense and sadly some never fully recover, so the right support is essential.”

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