Quick & Deadly

Every year, on April 24th there is an important day that we need to be know about in order to protect our health.  It is “World Meningitis Day”.Jamie2

It is a day to increase awareness of a truly scary and devastating disease.  If meningitis doesn’t take your life it can leave you with permanent disabilities such as the loss of limbs, hearing or mental capacity.  Do to the valiant efforts of some of the survivors such as Jamie Schanbaum and Aaron Phipps. More young people particularly college students are becoming aware of meningitis.  This is important because meningitis can strike quickly and without warning.  The best way to protect yourself is to be vaccinated.  So this year, in recognition of World Meningitis Day, make certain that you know what meningitis is and that you have been vaccinated.  Meningitis has a particularly vicious pattern of attacking healthy and young people.  Meningitis can strike quickly without warning.  So Don’t Wait – VACCINATE!

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