Meningitis Facts in UAE

Parents need to learn the facts about meningitis to protect their children in the UAE.

Dr Iviano Ossuetta, head of paediatrics and neonatology at Danat Al Emarat Hospital was asked what parents need to know not to panic during a meningitis outbreak. While a worldwide problem, menigitis is not a very common condition in the UAE. One study in Al Ain, “ Reviewed cases over a five-year period and identified 92 cases, of whom 19 were under 20 years old. The yearly rate declined steadily from a peak of 35 cases, to a low of 5 cases per year over the five year study period. Those aged under 5 years were at greatest risk of infection.”

If parents suspect that their children might be experiencing the symptoms of meningitis, they should take them right away to the hospital. Ask your doctor about meningitis vaccines.

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