Vaccinate to be safe

Angie Randles’ son, Austin Fritz, was only 16 years old & a sophomore @ High Plains Community Schools when he died.

Though the cause of death was acute purulent meningitis with streptococcus pneumonia, be cognizant of flu-like symptom. Meningitis can be a “great pretender” and often mimics flu like symptoms but it “can rapidly progress from initial symptoms to death, sometimes within six hours,” said Teresa Anderson, health director for the Central District Health Department.

Randles advises everyone, “Please be aware of the symptoms and signs of meningitis so your life is not forever changed in less than 24 hours.”  Anderson further states that, while vaccines “aren’t 100 percent effective, there pretty darn good”.  Austin’s mom agrees with Anderson about the need for vaccines.  In our fast pace and busy lives we often overlook simple things we can do to protect ourselves.  Check with your doctor and get vaccinated as soon as possible.  It’s a simple step that could save your life.

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