Vaccination Alert

Teygan, 19 years old when he went to Manchester University to study Russian. He was excited to go because he will be the first one to go to a university, being middle child of three. He made friends in his halls, kept communications open with his family, settling into student life & coping with his courses.

He developed a cough which lasted for a few weeks. One night, Teygan thought he was getting over his sickness but collapsed in the hallway. He was found by a friend, and they immediately saw that he had a rash. His friend knew it was one of the signs of meningitis and rang for an ambulance straight away but Teygan could not be saved.

Often confused with a flu, a hangover or COVID-19, students are particularly at risk of missing the early warning signs of meningitis.

Dr Tom Nutt, chief executive of the charity Meningitis Now, said: “With vaccination the only way to protect yourself against the misery this disease inflicts…..”. The MenACWY vaccine protects against four strains of meningococcal disease, and does not protect against Meningitis B, so get vaccinated with both vaccines.

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