Phillippine Cases

Two toddlers, both girls were brought to Rogaciano M. Mercado Memorial Hospital (RMMMH) showing meningococcemia symptoms then transferred to San Lazaro Hospital in Manila where they died.

Meningococcemia (blood infection) and meningitis are common types of meningococcal diseases caused by the Neisseria Meningitidis bacteria that could kill the affected within hours. Some of the symptoms include fever, vomiting, rashes, headache and stiff neck. The infection may be spread through close contact, sharing items that has been in other people’s mouth & from a “healthy carrier”.

The Department of Health (DoH) recorded 61 cases of meninggococcal disease from January 1 to March 30 with 30 deaths.

Data from the DoH Epidemiology Bureau showed that Metro Manila recorded the highest number of afflicted with 15 cases with nine deaths.

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