No Help

Phoebe Moon’s first holiday on a cruise via the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas—a ship that promotes activities for the little ones.

When Phoebe got sick, her mother Aimee said, “We actually visited the infirmary five times that day and she just got worse and worse throughout the day. Every time we went down (the infirmary), we were sent back to our cabin.” When they refused to leave, the parents say Phoebe was given antibiotics. They eventually got off the ship mid-cruise in St. Martin for help. Because Phoebe was very sick, they airlifted them back to Florida where they embarked the ship. The suit alleges the cruise line’s doctors misdiagnosed Phoebe with “a stomach bug,” even though she had “classic signs of a life-threatening meningococcal meningitis. Luke, Phoebe’s father said. “You are on your own at sea.”

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