Every Life Counts

We are becoming victims of our own success.  Through vaccination, the number of cases of meningitis in Australia has been dramatically reduced.Bruce Langoulant

As the number of cases decline, the rate of vaccination has lost its sense of urgency.  Governments begin to think about vaccinations to prevent meningitis solely in financial terms.  One thing to take into consideration though is the cost of caring for patients who survive meningitis, but are left permanently disabled.  We know that meningitis vaccinations can protect the people who receive them.  Let’s make certain that we personally give the highest priority to getting everyone in the high risk young and adolescent groups vaccinated so that they are protected.  The number of meningitis cases has declined, but the disease still has struck 50 Australians through May of this year.  Never assume that this devastating disease has been eradicated simply because you don’t hear about it.

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